The History of Whiskey Hill – A Tale of Brick and Fire

The story of Whiskey Hill Brewing Company begins in the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. When William L. Gregg arrived in the West Mount area, he established the Excelsior Brick Company, which played a pivotal role in rebuilding Chicago. Gregg’s brick house, situated at the bottom of the Hill, still stands today, a testament to the area’s rich history.

From Agriculture to Industry: The Transformation of West Mount

As West Mount evolved into a manufacturing and retail hub in the early 1900s, immigrant workers and skilled tradesmen flocked to the area, bringing with them a sense of community and bustling energy. Though Mr. Gregg’s life was short, his brick house would become the epicenter of a fascinating chapter in Westmont’s history.

The Reitmayer Speakeasy: A Prohibition-Era Sanctuary

Enter the Reitmayer family. This former science teacher and homemaker duo transformed their brick home into a speakeasy during Prohibition. The establishment attracted patrons from all walks of life, including notorious figures like Al Capone, who frequented the speakeasy to play cards and mingle with locals. It was during this time that Mr. Reitmayer learned valuable business insights from Capone and honed his brewing and distilling skills.

Whiskey Hill: A Name Steeped in Mystery

whiskey hill

As word of the Reitmayer’s speakeasy spread, people began referring to the area as “Whiskey Hill,” a place where hard-working individuals could find respite and camaraderie over a drink. The moniker reflects the spirit of inclusivity that characterized the speakeasy, where wealth, status, and race were irrelevant.

Whiskey Hill Brewing Company: A Nod to the Past

Today, Whiskey Hill Brewing Company aims to capture the essence of Westmont’s storied past, providing a space where creativity flows, and pride in craftsmanship is celebrated. As you sip on one of their signature brews, the hosts hope you’ll be transported to a time when Westmont’s residents gathered together in the warmth of the Reitmayer’s speakeasy.

Discover the Legacy: The William L. Gregg House Museum

The William L. Gregg House Museum

To truly immerse yourself in the legend of Whiskey Hill, you can visit the historic brick house, now known as The William L. Gregg House Museum, at 115 S. Linden Ave., Westmont, IL. Here, you can draw your own conclusions about the tales that surround this remarkable home – or perhaps even discover a few secrets in the fridge.

Signature Brews and Whiskeys

At Whiskey Hill Brewing Company, the owners’ passion for quality and innovation shines through their diverse selection of beverages. Drawing inspiration from the Reitmayers’ brewing and distilling expertise, they’ve developed an array of signature brews and whiskeys that pay homage to Westmont’s Prohibition Era. Each of their offerings is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring an unparalleled taste experience that echoes the flavors of yesteryear.

A Warm and Welcoming Ambiance


When you step through the doors of Whiskey Hill Brewing Company, you’ll be greeted with an ambiance that perfectly melds the past and present. The warm, inviting atmosphere is reminiscent of the Reitmayers’ speakeasy, inviting guests to unwind and engage in spirited conversations with fellow patrons. From the vintage-inspired furnishings to the subtle nods to Westmont’s history adorning the walls, the establishment is designed to transport you to a bygone era while providing all the modern comforts you expect.

Supporting Local Businesses and Sustainable Practices

In keeping with the spirit of Westmont’s industrious past, Whiskey Hill Brewing Company is committed to supporting local businesses and employing sustainable practices in their operations. They source their ingredients from nearby farms and suppliers, ensuring the freshest flavors while minimizing the environmental impact. Additionally, they take pride in collaborating with other local establishments, working together to uplift and enrich the Westmont community.

Events and Gatherings


At Whiskey Hill Brewing Company, they believe in fostering a sense of community and providing a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. That’s why they host a variety of events and gatherings throughout the year, such as live music nights, tasting sessions, and themed parties. These events not only showcase the talents of local artists and performers but also provide an opportunity for guests to connect and celebrate the vibrant culture of Westmont.

Closing Thoughts

Whiskey Hill Brewing Company offers a unique and memorable experience that celebrates the vibrant history of Westmont, Illinois. From their exceptional handcrafted brews and whiskeys to their welcoming atmosphere and commitment to community, they strive to honor the spirit of inclusivity and camaraderie that has defined Westmont throughout the years. You’ll be able to not only savor the flavors of their signature beverages but also feel a connection to the rich legacy that makes Whiskey Hill so special.